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I used this command several times and it worked every time but today after I created a repo and use it again an error occurred:

git push -u origin master

it gave me this:

error: Received HTTP code 0 from proxy after CONNECT while accessing https://github.com/[myrepo]

fatal: HTTP request failed

I used echo $http_proxy and got .But I don't remember I ever set this.(I do use this one for my firefox sometimes.) And I used the unset command but it still gave me the same error. Is there a way I can set this proxy thing to none permanently?

Is there some other ways to achieve this?

Any help is appreciated!

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If you consider:

it seems your current http_proxy/https_proxy environment variables (or your git config --global http(s).proxy) don't reference a valid proxy anymore.
Check also the syntax used for those proxys (each one should begin with http://... as in http://host:port).

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