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private void SetConnection()
     string a = string.Format(@"Data Source={0};Version=3;New=False;Compress=True;", "~/lodeDb.db");
     sql_con = new SQLiteConnection(a);

private void ExecuteQuery(string txtQuery)
     sql_cmd = sql_con.CreateCommand();
     sql_cmd.CommandText = txtQuery;

When i run to sql_cmd.ExecuteNonQuery, Sqlexception is "Unable to open the database file". "lodeDb.db" file on my online hosting, i think data source is wrong. Can U tell me if db file in online hosting. How to set datasourse for connection Thanks you Note: Permission file is no problem in here

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did you find a solution to your problem? You didn't set any answer as solution, and you didn't write anything yourself. –  beginner_developer Mar 6 at 13:17

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I got the same exception when trying to open databases that are on the network drive (path starts with "\\myServer\myDbFile...") and I resolved it by putting true to the parseViaFramework parameter in connection constructor.

sql_con = new SQLiteConnection(a, true);
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This worked perfectly for me (using Parallels on a Mac which defaults network mapping behind the scenes). –  terphi Mar 17 '14 at 18:22
I was running into this issue when building and moving bin directory to an external location. It would run fine in visual studio folder, but not in the new location. Setting my connection to include parseviaframework worked perfectly and solved the "unable to open db" error in my c# project. Thanks! –  SqlBarbarian Feb 11 at 17:38

It's a Connection String Issue,

SQL Lite Connection Strings Formats

Basic :

Data Source=filename;Version=3;

Using UTF16 :

Data Source=filename;Version=3;UseUTF16Encoding=True;

With password :

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Password=myPassword;

Using the pre 3.3x database format :

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Legacy Format=True;

With connection pooling :

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Pooling=False;Max Pool Size=100;

Read only connection :

Data Source=filename;Version=3;Read Only=True;

EDIT 1 :
Connecting to remote database differs, you must check the following.

  1. Firewall port permissibility.
  2. Company/Host providing database is allowing remote connection.
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Sorry but when i run application in my local computer, this app is running very well. But i deploy app to server ---> error.Can you tell me how to connect to database –  Futureman Jun 4 '12 at 3:25

Where is the value of {0} in connectionstring?

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string a = string.Format(@"Data Source={0};Version=3;New=False;Compress=True;", "~/lodeDb.db"); i put db file in root of hosting –  Futureman Jun 4 '12 at 3:46

My problem is solved when add "Journal Mode=Off;" in connection string

Disable the Journal File This one disables the rollback journal entirely.

Data Source=c:\mydb.db;Version=3;Journal Mode=Off;

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