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A database table named users has a column timemarks.

The timemark fields look like this.. 11:00:00, 13:45:00, 17:00:00, 18:25:00 (time-marks vary for each user)

My php script should list the users who have a specified time-mark.

Query: SELECT * FROM ('users') (query result is returned to $users)


  1. iterate through users
  2. create array $timemarks_arr for each user by splitting timemarks string using str_getcsv
  3. echo users with specified time-mark value
foreach ($users as $user): 

   $timemarks_arr = str_getcsv($user->timemarks); //split time-marks by comma and create array

    if (in_array("17:00:00", $timemarks_arr)) //users with specified time-mark
        echo $entry->username . "<br />";


For some reason it echos only 2 users but there are more with time-mark 17:00:00. Does anyone have any idea why?

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It won't match values like 17:00:00, because there's a leading space.

Try this to strip away all whitespace from the beginning and end of strings:

$timemarks_arr = array_map( "trim", str_getcsv($user->timemarks)); //split time-marks by comma and create array
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yes, whitespace is a common miss-out issue. – Raptor Jun 4 '12 at 2:58
Thank you! The trim seems to work. To avoid any other issues I'm considering to change the 00:00:00 time format to timestamp strings when adding to the database – CyberJunkie Jun 4 '12 at 3:29

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