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I wish to fire a Onchange event for all the changes of Form elements within a DIV

Here's the snippet


<div id="container">
    <input type="checkbox"/>
    <input type="checkbox"/>
    <input type="text"/>
    <input type="text"/>

di = document.getElementById("container");
di.onchange = function(a){
alert("On Change Called");

di.onclick = function(a){
 alert("On Click Called");



The event is fired, when a focus is lost from any of the form elements to a new element of the form, when some content is updated (eg: the input box is updated)

The above code works fine for all browsers' but not for IE, any way to do this is IE

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I do recommend using jQuery to avoid these cross browser issues, but that does not mean you should skip testing. Jquery on Change reference here.

Scott Leberknight's on onChange http://www.nofluffjuststuff.com/blog/scott_leberknight/2005/04/onclick_versus_onchange_in_ie_and_firefox

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onchange event does not bubble in IE according to MSDN.

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Actually, IE, especially IE7/8 doesn't support onchange event very well . I do recommend you use onclick event.

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Perfect, that solved my problem. No need to use jQuery. –  crclayton Jul 3 '14 at 19:21

Avoid using .focus() or .select() before .change() function of jquery for IE, then it works fine, im using it in my site.


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