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How memory address register(MAR) and program counter(PC) are different from each other?

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what processor/microcontroller are you referring to? – dwelch Jun 4 '12 at 5:50

The difference is that the program counter points to the next instruction to be fetched / executed , whereas the memory address register points to a memory location where the program being run will fetch some data (not an instruction).

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The Memory Address Register (MAR) holds the address location where data will be fetched from to bring into the register component of a CPU.

the Program Counter (PC) is holds the location of the NEXT instruction (everything stored in memory has an address). hope this helped

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Program Counter (PC) is the address of the current instruction being executed by a CPU. Memory Address Register (MAR) could contain address of data being accessed by a load or store instruction.

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PC points immediately to the next instruction to be fetched so, saying it holds the address of current instruction being executed by a CPU is wrong. – rohit shrivastava Sep 24 '14 at 5:31

The program counter uses logical address (virtual addresses generated by the program), where as the address register uses physical addresses (actual real memory address). This is the main difference.

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program counter The program counter holds the address of the next instruction that is to be fetched-decoded-executed. This will increment automatically as the current instruction is being decoded

The Memory Address Register (MAR) holds the address of the current instruction being executed. It points to the relevant location in memory where the required instruction is (at this stage the address is simply copied from the Program Counter).

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