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To double the width of the img, i can do this in jQuery:

<img src='blah.jpg' id='pic' />


that works fine, but i really like to use shorthand assignments like:

var count = 5;
count *= 2; // to get 10.

Since element.height returns the height function in jQuery, i can't use shorthand assignments. Is there no way to do shorthand assignments in jQuery for element attributes?

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You can modify the attributes such as height without using jQuery

document.getElementById("pic").height *= 2;

Or if you want to select the element with jQuery you can use this snippet. It selects the element and then accesses it directly using the indexer.

$("#pic")[0].height *= 2;
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$('#pic').height($('#pic').height() * 2);


  $('#pic')[0].height *= 2;
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Answers question of how to do it in jQuery

$('#pic').height(function( i, ht){
   return ht *2;

See API added function in 1.4.1

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what does i do in the arguments list? – Ray Cheng Jun 4 '12 at 5:41
index of element in collection – charlietfl Jun 4 '12 at 5:45

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