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I want to know if someone has a good best practice about this little problem. I use the latest Facebook C# SDK version 6 with Nuget and ASP .NET MVC 4.

When you follow the http://csharpsdk.org/docs/web/getting-started tutorial, you have a nice working sample website of the Facebook integration.

Say you have two pages:

  • Page 1 with open information of a person on facebook (Start page of the application).
  • Page 2 with detaild information of a person on facebook

When you run the application the first time, everything is ok. You login, athorizes the Facebook Application and you get an accesstoken back from Facebook. After that, you can access the Page 2. (Page 1 is always possible because it is public information)

When you close your browser and run your web application again, the start page is shown with the basic PUBLIC information. When you go to Page 2 where you need an Accesstoken, your accesstoken is null because you have stored it in the session and the session is gone because you closed the browser.

How do you get the active accesstoken? Is there an active accesstoken? The user is still loggedin in facebook because the loginbutton has changed to your profile picture and name. Also remember that it should also work when you get a deeplink to page 2.

I don't want to use the "Including the Access Token with the Request" part of the http://csharpsdk.org/docs/web/ajax-requests tutorial because I need the request to go off in the action immidiatly.

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write your own code, facebook c# sdk is a wrapper around the graph api. and they have 100 versions and they keep changing it everyday. if it works today, it wont work for the next version. – DarthVader Jun 4 '12 at 6:59
Have you thought about trying to load and display the information client-side using the Javascript SDK rather than worrying about trying to get the information server-side? – DMCS Jun 4 '12 at 23:26
You can get it on the clientside with this code: csharpsdk.org/docs/web/ajax-requests. But I need it on the server side because I need to check something on Facebook in the Action. When you get a deep link directly to that page, the accesstoken must be there. – Ralph Jansen Jun 5 '12 at 5:28

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