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I'm trying to use regular expressions to query Mongodb using Doctrine's Mongodb ODM on Symfony 2.

I know the PHP mongo driver can do it. However, I don't know how to do this with Doctrine.

Do I use the same class? How do I reference MongoRegex from within Symfony?

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This came up a while ago on the doctrine-user mailing list. You can use the \MongoRegex class directly in your ODM queries:

    'foo' => new \MongoRegex('/^bar/'),

Or if using a query builder:

$queryBuilder->field('foo')->equals(new \MongoRegex('/^bar/'));

Keep in mind that front-anchored, case-sensitive regex patterns will be able to use indexes most efficiently. This is discussed in more detail in the Mongo docs.

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you can follow the Question on stack overflow for detail How to use Reserved characters in createQueryBuilder and MongoRegix,

Additionally, while /^a/, /^a./, and /^a.$/ match equivalent strings, they have different performance characteristics. All of these expressions use an index if an appropriate index exists; however, /^a./, and /^a.$/ are slower. /^a/ can stop scanning after matching the prefix. Mongo Docs Regix

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