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Hi i have the following process which i cant kill:

The process to be killed.

I am running cygwin in windows xp 32 bit.

I have tried issuing the following commands:

/bin/kill -f 4760
/bin/kill -9 5000
kill -9 5000
kill 5000

When i write /bin/kill -f 4760 i get the message, 'kill: couldn't open pid 4760'.

When i write /bin/kill -9 5000 i get the message, 'kill: 5000: No such process'.

I simply don't understand why this process cant be killed. Since it has a WINID shouldnt it be killed by /bin/kill -f 4760?

hope someone can help thx :)

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1. start cygwin as Administrator user 2. Use the path /bin/kill (kill is a shell command in the bash shell) 3. /bin/kill -f <pid> should then work – Donal Tobin Jan 8 '13 at 14:34
1. start Cygwin terminal as Administrator user 2. Use the path /bin/kill (kill is special in the bash shell) 3. /bin/kill -9 -f <pid> should then work 4. It is possible for windows processes to be in a state where they can not be killed (such as being debugged) – Donal Tobin Jan 8 '13 at 14:42

The process is locked from Windows most likely. The error you are getting "couldnt open PID XXX" points to this. To confirm try killing it with windows taskkill

    taskkill /PID 4760
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When i type taskkill /PID 4760 or taskkill /PID 5000 i get the error: 'ERROR: The process "4760" not found.' – user1093774 Jun 4 '12 at 7:50
Also, in Windows task manage i cant see the process. – user1093774 Jun 4 '12 at 7:56
Do you see it when you do a tasklist | grep "dscli" from the windows command line? – kjp Jun 4 '12 at 8:36
This worked for me. – Michael Trouw Feb 23 at 13:41
Works on windows 7, I use $ taskkill /F /PID <WINPID> where <WINPID> is shown if I do $ ps -a – 244an Apr 28 at 21:55

Different Windows programs will handle the signals that kill sends differently; they've never been designed to deal with them in the same way that Linux/Cygwin programs are.

The only reliable method for killing a Windows program is to use a Windows specific tool, such as Task Manager or Process Explorer.

That said, if you've not already, you may have luck with running your Cygwin terminal in administrator mode (right click on your shortcut and select "Run as administrator").

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The method presented by @Donal Tobin is correct:

kill -f <pid>

However, I don't need to log in as administrator.

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Strangely, the following works in Cygwin:

echo PID1 PID2 PID3 | xargs kill -f

For example:

ps -W | grep WindowsPooPoo | awk '{print $1}' | while read line; do echo $line | xargs kill -f; done;
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