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I am currently really new to Xcode and the whole Iphone App development but reasonable proficient in Javascript/HTML/SQL. I am looking at creating a new App which queries its data from a Kumulos database (Kumulos API's). Before i head down the path, i just want to know if it was possible to query the database(i know how to do this), but more importantly load the returned data into a webview control.

Similar sort of idea as facebook app. I know they use a webview control.

Ive searched, but currently haven't found an answer on how do do this.

Can you suggest a better method?

Excuse my lack of coding examples.

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The best way to do this is create objecive-C methods that are called by the javascript in your web view as per this guide:

Calling Objective-C from UIWebView

This way you could call an objective-C function that returns the data loaded from Kumulos, you can then do what you like in the javascript with the loaded data.

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Thanks. That looks like the answer i was looking for. –  user1434583 Jun 5 '12 at 0:56

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