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We are using SQL Server 2012:

  • one team develops datawarehouse
  • one team is in charge of reports using Report Builder

We use shared datasets.

When .rdl files are saved on local machine, we can see that <ReportServerURL> is fully embedded in file, in Shared DataSet section. How can we easily deploy the .rdl on another report server (production environment) without having to edit (by hand/script) all .rdl files?

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As far as I know <ReportServerURL> is just a hint for Report Builder. It is not used by server, so reports can be safely deployed to another report server

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I'm not so sure, because we have errors! I've ended up with I've creating a simple C# app to change such URL in rdl file. –  Francois B. Aug 11 '12 at 8:53

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