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I would like to programatically control the volume of a particular application in WinXP. I came to know abt one API waveOutSetVolume(), but it controls the application volume in Win Vista & Above, for XP it just affect the entire system volume.

Please advise how can we achieve this in XP?

Moreover how to Uncheck/Check the SYstem volume Mute check box as well.

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As you said, application-level audio levels are available from Vista OS, so XP has no ability to control it.

More info here:

Your second question related to mute, you simply call waveOutSetVolume:

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Hey Thanks for your fast response. waveOutSetVolume(), function can make the volume level zero , which is having same effect like volume Mute, but I want to check/uncheck the checkbox for Mute in Volume control. –  Ashish Mittal Jun 4 '12 at 9:13
@AshishMittal, there is a bit of a hackier way. Use SendInput to send a VK_VOLUME_MUTE stroke. Some keyboards have volume buttons, so I guess Windows came prepared. It's been working for me on XP for having a keyboard shortcut to do it. Chances are this would affect an active application as well though. Perhaps you can send it to something like DefWindowProc to get the effect you need. –  chris Jun 4 '12 at 11:22
Thanks chris for you answer, but below mention are the roadblocks. 1.)I want not only to mute/unmute the machine volume , but also want to retireve the status of system volume mute/unmute. 2) My comp supplies its own keyboard to customers which does not have volume shortcuts buttons on it, so in this case the solution metioned by you will work?, please advice. –  Ashish Mittal Jun 5 '12 at 6:24

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