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I built a simple animation for a carousel with jQuery animate. I always have 5 containers, 3 of them visible. When animating a new one is added and the last is removed. Firefox and Chrome do exactly what I expect. In Internet Explorer, the moment the containers position is refreshed by "scrollLeft", the content is "blinking" and I do not know what's the reason for that effect.

This is the markup:

<div id="wrapper">
    <div id="conti">
        <div id="_ID">
            <div class="section">0</div>
            <div class="section">1</div>
            <div class="section active">2</div>
            <div class="section">3</div>
            <div class="section">4</div>
<button id="prev">prev</button>
<button id="next">next</button>

This the script (for case of clicking next)

    var conti = $('#conti');
//set startposition of scrollbar (center) --> width of section
var teaserwidth = 60;
var animating = false;
$('#next').click(function() {
    if(animating) return;
    animating = true;
        scrollLeft: 2*teaserwidth
    },     {
            complete: function() {
                conti.find('.section:last').after('<div style="background:red;" class="section">NF</div>');
              animating = false;

I colored the new added content red to better see the blinking effect in IE. You can also test on JSFIDDLE

What would you change/suggest to have a fluid animation in IE too?

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Whenever I've made a slider, I've always done it by animating margin-left in IE, left in other browsers, and CSS transforms in newer browsers.

That seems to work fine.

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Hey Rich, thanks for your suggestion! I rebuilt the script to this one with marginLeft animation: JSFIDDLE It seems to be fluid for IE now which is great. But it is "bucking" in Firefox (whoohoo). Do you think there is a way to optimize for both browsers without loading different script?? –  ho.s Jun 4 '12 at 10:20
I also use CSS3 transitions in normal browsers, and only use the older javascript animation technique in legacy ones like IE9 and below. css3.bradshawenterprises.com/slide2 shows you how to do sliding in new browsers. To make it easy to use, try either my rubbish but simple code here: css3.bradshawenterprises.com/legacy , or just drop in playground.benbarnett.net/jquery-animate-enhanced if you are already using jQuery. –  Rich Bradshaw Jun 4 '12 at 10:31

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