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I want to declare a debug flag is on or off in these both ways:

#define inDebugMode true


const bool inDebugMode = true;

The compiler in Visual Studio 2010 always gives a warning:

warning C4127: conditional expression is constant

Why is that? how can I declare it correctly?

Thanks in advance.

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Check this out: – kol Jun 4 '12 at 8:34
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Without seeing the code, I suspect you have the following construct:

if (inDebugMode)

which will always be true, hence the warning.

Recommend using the preprocessor instead of if:

#define inDebugMode 1

#if inDebugMode

This will remove the warning and prevent the debugging code being compiled when unrequired. Note you can also specify the value of a macro via the compiler switch /D:

cl.exe /DinDebugMode=1 ...

but you need to ensure you rebuild all sources if you choose the command line option, not just the changed sources.

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use #if not #ifdef if you wish that to be false when you change the value to 0. – Roee Gavirel Jun 4 '12 at 8:39
@RoeeGavirel, yes thank you and updated answer. – hmjd Jun 4 '12 at 8:42

This warning is not for the definition but for the use of it.
lets say you write in your code something like:

if (inDebugMode)
    //your code

when the compiler encounter it (after the precompile in case of the define) this is always true and there it thinks the "if" is not needed. that's way it's only a warning not a error.
in order to avoid it you can do like that:

#define inDebugMode 1
//some code
#if inDebugMode
    //your code you only want to run in debug

this way if you not in debug all the code in the "#if" section will be omitted by the precompiler and the compiler wouldn't have a problem.

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If you don't like preprocessor directives and would like to use the const bool, then you may disable "warning C4127" directly (Project Properties / C/C++ / Advanced / Disable Specific Warnings / type "4127").

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