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I got table smile need to update smilepath ( mass update ) im using this

 UPDATE `smilie` SET `smiliepath` = 'http://newpathhere.com/smilies/smile.gif' WHERE `smilieid` =1;

ive to issues , need to mass update to all paths , i believe i can use where smileid > 1 not quite sure 2nd issue in old path its looks like http://oldpath.com/icons/smile.gif so i need to replace only " http://oldpath.com/icons " and keep end file any clue !

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You can use mysql REPLACE function to do this:

UPDATE `smilie` SET `smiliepath` = REPLACE(smiliepath,' http://oldpath.com/icons/','http://newpathhere.com/smilies/') WHERE `smilieid` >1;
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