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In my project I can include packages under src folder, but I need to include other folders (which don't contains .java or .class files) and libraries.

How do I include libraries and other non class folders in a project while creating a jar file using <jar> task in my build.xml ?

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Here's a snapshot of how I do this:

<jar destfile="adasim-${version}-deps.jar" manifest="resources/MANIFEST.MF">
                        <fileset dir="${class.dir}"/>
                        <fileset dir=".">
                                <include name="resources/xml/adasim.xsd"/>
                                <include name="resources/VERSION"/>
                                        <fileset dir="${lib.dir}" includes="**/*.jar" excludes="**/junit*.jar"/>

you use <fileset> to select files that you want to copy into the JAR and you use <zips> combined with JARs to include that contents from JARs.

Extensive documentation can be found in the ant manual.

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