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The conversion of a varchar datatype to a datetime datatype resulted in an out-of-range value

select a.DLNO,
       Convert(datetime,a.DOB,103) as DOB, 
       Convert(datetime,a.DOI,103) as DOI,
       Convert(datetime,b.datepushed,103) as datepushed 
       PLInfo_Demo a,DLInfo_Demo b 
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Type 103 requires that you have datetimes with the European date/month order: 'dd/mm/yyyy'

If you store month first, this may result in this error (say for '01/13/2012')

If it's the case, use type 101 ('mm/dd/yyyy')

It's always better to store datetimes as DATETIME.

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sp_helptext sp_displayClinicRecordsbyclinicid

alter procedure sp_displayClinicRecordsbyclinicid


@id bigint,

@category char(1)



select id,ClinicName,

CONVERT(varchar(10), cast(Visitdate as datetime),101) Visitdate ,

CONVERT(varchar(19), cast(visitTime as datetime) ,101)  visitTime ,

patient_first,patient_last,patient_address,patient_city,patient_state, CONVERT(varchar(10), cast(patient_dob as datetime),101) patient_dob,

precriber,prescriptionnum,CONVERT(varchar(10),cast(pharmacyfilldate as datetime) ,101)  pharmacyfilldate,CONVERT(varchar(10),cast(prescriptionenddate as datetime) ,101) prescriptionenddate,drugname,drugformat,npi,dea,


 from tblClinicRecords where clinicid=@id and Category=@category
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all table column is varchar(100) it show show exceptions – user389248 Mar 23 '13 at 6:42

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