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I have a model that uses remote validation. The model also acts as a parent class to a child class. How would i disable remote validation in the view for a particular field? Model code

public user
  public string Email {get; set;}

public edituser:user
  public int userid {get; set;}

  public edituser(int userid,string email)

My aim is to remove the remove validation in the edituser class in the view.

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im assuming that you just need to display the email field and all the data in it as it is in editView because by defauflt a user cannot edit his/her email..
to so this you can just change the code in the view from Html.EditorFor() to Html.DisplayFor()

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I am allowing the user to edit their email address. I just want to force the view not to apply remote validation thats implemented on the base class – CodeNoob Jun 4 '12 at 9:12

this is the perfect case for viewmodel. create a different viewmodel for edit (as a matter-effect view should not be linked directly to domain models in most of the cases) or you can use IValidatableObject or fluentvalidation , or you can use DataAnnotationsModelValidatorProvider for manually attaching attribute condition based if it applies in your case.

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