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I'm having a problem with my Jetpack (v1.3.4) and MediaElements.js (v2.7.0 - also tested with v2.9.1) plugins. MediaElements is my audio and video player of choice (a great plugin) but there seems to be an incompatibility with the Jetpack plugin.

I have the MediaElements and Jetpack plugins installed and both are deactivated. I activate MediaElements and the audio player works fine (see page Even after I activate Jetpack, MediaElements continues to work. As soon as I connect Jetpack to my site (completed the "Connect to" logon process), the MediaElements plugin stops working.

I'd appreciate any help that you can give. I have logged a bug with Jetpack support too ( ).

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Shortcode Options Alternatives

If you have a plugin that conflicts with MediaElement.js, you can also use the short codes

[mejsvideo src="" width="640" height="360"] [mejsaudio src=""]

...solves problem with JetPack for me.

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