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I would like to check my internet connection while using WebClient in order to download a file. (WebClient.DownloadFile()). I want to check if the connection still available in the middle of the downloading process. How do I do that ? (in C#) Thanks a lot.

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Why? If I recall correctly, the WebClient will throw an exception anyway if the connection is gone. –  Bobby Jun 4 '12 at 9:18

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You cannot generally detect that the internet is available or not. But heuristically, you can start a second thread which tries to GET google.com with a read timeout of 5s every 15s or so. That way your connection check can have different, harder timeouts than your main download.

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You can't. There is no way in TCP to check the status of a connection other than by trying to use it. Set a read timeout, and respond accordingly to the resulting SocketTimeoutException; and respond to any other IOException by closing the connection and maybe retrying, depending on your specific requirements.

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