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I have been searching on this. I Need to build an independent utility that should:

  • Convert image sequence to .mov format
  • Take input from user and display it inside the mov.

I plan to do this using Java since this is a cross platform language.

How to do it?

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"take input from user" Besides the image names of files, what 'input'? –  Andrew Thompson Jun 4 '12 at 9:16

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See JpegImagesToMovie.java it requires the x-plat version of the JMF (or more importantly jmf.jar).

For a more modern alternative, look to JFFMPEG (JMF with more formats & encodings).

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I have earlier used XUGGLER for making videos from image frames. It is easy to use XUGGLER with the help of the comprehensive tutorials available here. You can also add audio to the video generated from the image frames.

Xuggler supports a large number of video codecs and video container formats so you will have the option of creating the video in different formats, leave alone .mov. Hope this helps. I can post my own code for this utility if required.

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