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I am having a problem with an MONO application, I'm trying to compile the project (with MonoDevelop) so as to load the library run mscorlib.dll 4.0 instead of version 2.0. (I need System.Type.op_Equality method that is in version 4.0 but not in 2.0).

I've temporarily solved by making a link:

# cd /usr/lib/mono/2.0
# mv mscorlib.dll mscorlib.dll.bak
# ln ../4.0/mscorlib.dll mscorlib.dll

But of course this is not a valid solution.

Does anyone know how to MONO load mscorlib 4.0 instead of 2.0?

Thanks and sorry for my English

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Right-click the project -> open the Build/General page and make sure Target Framework is Mono / .NET 4.0:

enter image description here

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Thaks Rolf Bjarne, but now I have that configuration, and I'm still doing the same. jesusanchez.net/instantanea2.png –  gokuhs Jun 4 '12 at 10:37
@gokuhs: Can you show the build output? –  Rolf Bjarne Kvinge Jun 4 '12 at 10:45
forgive my ignorance, but I do not know how to make monodevelop show me the buld output. Can you tell me how i show the output? –  gokuhs Jun 4 '12 at 11:40
@gokuhs: in the menu View -> Pads -> Error List. Now click the "Build Output" button and rebuild your project. –  Rolf Bjarne Kvinge Jun 4 '12 at 11:50
Thanks for your help @rolf-bjarne-kvinge, this is the build output: (is in spanish sorry) pastebin.com/hhtT6qfJ –  gokuhs Jun 4 '12 at 12:28
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Finaly I found a solution for this problem:


Simply modify the "app.config" file and change the content for this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<startup><supportedRuntime version="v4.0"/></startup></configuration>

Recompile the proyect and now work fine.

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