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Whenever I am inserting data into mysql database wiht below insert query then query runs successfully but when I check the data from database then it show some other values rather than the original values whatever I have inserted through the query . I use PHP and MySQL to execute the insert query. Please if anyone have any solution then please help me to resolve this problem.

My Code is :


$conn = mysql_connect('localhost','root','asterisk') or die("Cannot Connect with Databse") ; //connect with database
mysql_selectdb('adore3', $conn) or die("Cannot Select the Database  ") ;//select database

$query_insert="INSERT INTO cc_transfer VALUES ('', '528', '258', '1', '2012-5-5 4:4:4','5555555558888888','99999994444444',0);"; 
$r = mysql_query($query_insert);
echo "Inserted";


But when I check the data then I don't found the values 5555555558888888 and 99999994444444 , there are some garbage values in both field 2147483647.

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I guess something went wrong with submitting your code: I don't see an y of it – George Boot Jun 4 '12 at 9:22

The values you are trying to store are larger than the integer data type I assume you have set for the field in db. The 2147483647 is the max integer value that can be stored. Change the data type for the field (to long values).

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I know "thanks" isn't allowed around here, but just between you and me... well... you know... – Trass Vasston Nov 26 '13 at 19:29

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