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I am sorry for my bad english. I search solution for my question some day,but not found.

this is my question: i have some manager shell script in server-A. i use

ssh username@other_server_ip <

is run OK.

i want to do this in python. i was test this:

1\paramiko, 'exec_command (str)' is only run ONE command.and i use stdin to invoke_shell,not ok
2\pexect,sendline() is only ONE command.

Please help me,thanks!

(some AIX not support sft,so i not want use sftp script to other server. )

the shell script like this:

if [ $# -lt 1 ]
if [ "$os" = "linux" ] || [ "$os" = "Linux" ]
  temp=`df -P $diskname| tail -1`
  if [ "$temp" = "" ]
    echo "error!t=$diskname not found"
    exit 0
  # diskutil=`echo $temp|awk '{printf("%s",$5)}'|awk '{gsub("%",""); print $0}'`
  disk_size=`echo $temp | awk '{print $2}'`
  disk_size_mb=`expr $disk_size / 1024`
  disk_size=`echo | awk '{ printf("%.2f",(c1/1024.0)) }' c1=$disk_size_mb`

elif [ "$os" = "SunOS" ]
  temp=`df -k $diskname | tail -1`

elif [ "$os" = "AIX" ] || [ "$os" = "aix" ]
  temp=`df -k $diskname |tail -1|sed -e "s/%//g"`
  echo "error!!=Unsupported platform: $os"

echo "Total Size=$disk_size_mb"
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If just triggering the script from Python is enough, use from the standard library. From looking at your script, I guess it's being run on a number of remote hosts, probably in parallel. You might want to have a look at the excellent fabric module. It's a wrapper around paramiko which greatly facillitates running commands both locally and remotely and transfering files up and down.

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thank simon.I will found fabric and test. – bend chen Jun 4 '12 at 13:05

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