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    <div  class = "ui-grid-d" >
        <div class = "ui-block-a" >
            <div class = "ui-grid-a">
                 <div class = "ui-block-a">
                     <a id = "button-prop"  data-role="button" data-theme = "b" ><h3 id="text-pos">0</h3></a>
                  </div>  //end of block-a
                  <div class = "ui-block-b">


                  </div>  //end of block-b
              </div>  //end of grid-a
          </div> //end of block-a of grid-d
          <div data-role = "ui-block-b">
          <div data-role = "ui-block-c">
          <div data-role = "ui-block-d">
          <div data-role = "ui-block-e">
    </div> //end of grid-d

In CSS: { div.ui-btn{ styles of button } div.ui-btn ui-btn-inner{ styles of button content } }

I'm developing an iPhone app using Phonegap and jquerymobile. In this, i created one grid layout and in block of grid layout i created button. But i can't set properties and theme to that button . Please tell me the solution

But these styles couldn't effect the button

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