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I have installed vmware esxi server in vmware workstation on my machine.

In general it takes one ip addresses of dhcp configuration.It has the server cerification.In otherwords to call the server is the format we should use.

can we recreate the certificate of that server.(Because every vmware server takes the same certificate..i guess) my machine ip address is can we recreate the certificate from my machine(i.e from program or with any other tool)

Thank you..

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I got this solution on my own with the help of vmware community suggestions.
In general if we want to change the certificate, we have lot of ways to do.
But the simple way is to go to /sbin/ execution.

Once we have done this, the regeneration of certifictate takes place. To effect the changes reboot the machine with the command reboot

To change the key length of the private key,

chmod 777

Type i and go to line where key length is mentioned. Change to 1024.
To set a password, chnage encrypt key :no to encrypt key: yes


To close vi and save your changes, type :x

Then go to intial root and execute by typing /sbin/ Then reboot

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