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I need to access the buttons property from the function enableNav but my problem is I can't because the this reference points to the enableNav function rather than the object itself, how do I properly get the buttons?

(function() {

var MyCustomObject = {

    init: function(config) {
        this.myvar = config.myvar;
        this.buttons = config.buttons;

    enableNav: function() {
       // need to use buttons here!!


    myVar: 3,
    buttons: $('button')
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That's just not true: jsfiddle.net/KQfj9 ... maybe you need to wrap this in a ready $(function(){ });? –  mVChr Jun 4 '12 at 10:24

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this reference points to the enableNav function

No it doesn't.

You call it here:


So inside enableNav, this will be whatever value this has on that line.

(Since, assuming that new isn't being used, when you call foo.bar.baz() then baz gets bar for its vale of this).


enableNav: function() {
   this.buttons.append(foo); // or whatever
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