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Whenever I hit the up arrow in IPython, instead of getting history, I get this set of characters "^[[A" (not including the quotes).

Hitting the down arrow gives "^[[B", and tab completion doesn't work (just enters a tab).

How can I fix this? It happens in both Terminal and iTerm.

Running OS X 10.5, Framework Python 2.5.4. Error occurs in both ipython 0.8.3 and ipython 0.9.1. pyreadline-2.5.1 egg is installed in both cases.

(edit: SSH-ing to another linux machine and using IPython there works fine. So does running the normal "python" command on the OS X machine.)

Cheers, - Dan

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I think this only started to occur recently and the versions from port don't seem to have this problem. – Dana the Sane Jul 6 '09 at 16:43

It sounds like you're using an old version of the Python readline module, I had somewhat similar problem to this

Aha! I had an old version of the Python readline module - installing the latest from and it works perfectly!

sudo easy_install
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Thank you @dbr! Note for progeny: Find the current path to your readline by running: $ python -c 'import readline; print readline.__file__'. Ultimately I fixed this by running: $ sudo pip install readline== – Jay Taylor Feb 27 '13 at 19:02

Solved by completely wiping all of site-packages. I then re-installed Framework Python, re-installed setuptools, and easy_installed ipython FTW.

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