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I have an app that only supports SmartWatch widget (return 1 for getRequiredWidgetApiVersion()) for v1. In v2, I added code to support control and also changed the code to return 1 for getRequiredControlApiVersion().

After v2 installed, I found that I cannot find my app from LiveManager > SmartWatch > Sort applications list.

The problem can be manually fixed by re-installing my app or tapping the "Clear data" for SmartWatch app, but it's not a good solution.

You can easily reproduce the bug by modifying the code of SampleWidgetExtension sample code.

  1. install SampleWidgetExtension to phone
  2. LiveManager > SmartWatch > Sort application <= no Sample widget, it's correct.
  3. change, return 1 for getRequiredControlApiVersion() and add isDisplaySizeSupported(...) function and return true for it
  4. install SampleWidgetExtension to phone
  5. LiveManager > SmartWatch > Sort application <= still no Sample widget, it's incorrect.
  6. reinstall SampleWidgetExtension
  7. LiveManager > SmartWatch > Sort application <= you can see Sample widget from the list

It seems that it's the bug of SmartWatch (v1.2.33) app.

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Thanks Sam, you have indeed identified a bug. However, the bug is not in the SmartWatch application or Liveware Manager, it is in the SDK.

So - we will work hard to fix this as quick as possible and post an update of the SDK on When it has been done, I will be sure to update this thread!



Fix is now available, downloadable from here:

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