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I'm trying to pass data from tab n to tab n+1 activities, based on TabActivity in the MainContainerActivity, using parcelables but can't succeed as I can not apply "getExtras" method on the tab n+1 intent.

I can pass my parcelable object from one tab to the next one if I start the tab n+1 activity using startActivity(nextactivity) instead of using the tab switcher with tab.setCurrentTab(tab_n+1).

How shall I manage the activity intents sothat I can succeed to pass those parcelable objects, still implementing TabActivity in the MainContainer class and Activity in the tabs ?

or is there a way to force the activity start in the manifest when using tab.setCurrentTab(tab_n+1) ?

I read dozen of threads and have been trying many misc tests but w/o success so pls detail the answer as for a real noob :-)

EDIT: Looking to get this working from API8 onwards

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As explained here :

Restarting an activity in a single tab in a TabActivity?

What you want is to destroy the activity and start it again, by passing the new Parcelable "arguments" in the intent. The suggested method will probably work, however I strongly suggest you to consider using Fragments instead. If you want to support version prior Android 3, you will need the support package. The examples listed in this thread: Need a Fragments Example should get you started on Fragments.

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Thx for the reply as I'm really strugglying with that. I'll look further to your hints. – hornetbzz Jun 4 '12 at 11:34

I guess the simple answer to my simple 3 tabs application is using a global object as described here, which also allow keeping my existing source code.

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