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This is my problem:

(oneclickcosvirt)[marcintustin@web316 oneclickcos]$ hg merge
abort: outstanding uncommitted changes
(use 'hg status' to list changes)
(oneclickcosvirt)[marcintustin@web316 oneclickcos]$ hg ci -umarcintustin
nothing changed (4 missing files, see 'hg status')

Hg won't merge because of outstanding changes, but there are no outstanding changes. What to do?

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Downvoters: What's your problem? –  Marcin Sep 19 '13 at 14:08

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The error message says there are 4 missing files. So most likely the tree is considered in an inconsistent state such that it cannot merge as is. If you do an hg status as it suggests, you will presumably see a series of files marked thus:

! foo.txt
! baz.txt
! bar.txt
! quux.txt

The state of these files needs to be resolved before the merge, either by removing them (hg rm -A if you really don't want them any more) or restoring them to the last commit (hg revert).

Once they are resolved, you should be able to merge as normal.

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In addition to @gavinb's answer, it is also possible to pass the --force option:

hg merge --force

That will also perform the usual merge operation.

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