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I have a ServiceStack REST service (PUT and POST) which I have tested with fiddler and if no errors are raised I return

new HttpResult(HttpStatusCode.OK); 

Now I am testing the same REST service with the service stack client, I have:

var client = new XmlServiceClient("url"));
client.Post<ChangeServerLicenseDto>("", new ChangeServerLicenseDto()
         {ServerName = model.ServerName});

and I get the exception on the REST service when I do

    return new HttpResult(HttpStatusCode.OK)

and the error raised is :

      500 (Error in line 1 position 76. Expecting element 'ChangeServerLicense'
      from namespace ''.. Encountered 'Element'  with name 'HttpStatusCode',
      namespace 'http://schemas.datacontract.org/2004/07/System.Net'.) 

My client code is in a MVC action method (POST).

My datacontract for the RestService is :

[DataContract(Name = "ChangeServerLicense", Namespace = "")]
[RestService("url", "POST", "application/xml")]
public class ChangeServerLicenseDto
    [DataMember(Name = "ServerName", Order = 1)]
    public string ServerName { get; set; }
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The convention of signalling a successful response is to return an empty Response DTO (which by default returns a 200 OK). Also Send<TResponse>(...) does a POST so if you don't want to include the url in the request, use Send which will POST the request to the automatic pre-defined routes:

var client = new XmlServiceClient("url"));
    new ChangeServerLicenseDto {ServerName = model.ServerName});

Otherwise if you still want to use .Post<T>(...) include the URL for the custom route where your services is mounted.

Note: I generally dislike using Dto suffixes on DTOs which are the most important API in your service - I explain in a bit more detail why here.

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Thanks, in my haste to get this working, I did not read the first generic parameter was a response type. I am now returning an empty DTO (SuccessCommandResponse) as I do not expect my posts and puts to be commands which do not return data. Thanks once again. –  JD. Jun 5 '12 at 15:38

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