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I need to build a tree structure in xml where child element can have another child inside. Number of nested nodes is not specified. So I am using StreamingMarkupBuilder :

def rootNode = ....

def xml = builder.bind { 

  "root"(type:"tree", version:"1.0") {

   "child-components" {
      rootUse.components.each { comp ->


But I have problem creating proper addChildComponent method. Any ideas ?

Edit : Ok I made it so :

def addChildComponent {comp,xml -> 

but now I have problem with namespaces as I get :



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Your Closure addChildComponent is still wrong in this case. Instad of passing "xml" (second) parameter to closure, you should set delegate to "parent" closure.


def components = ['component1', 'component2', 'component3', 'componentN']
def xmlBuilder = new StreamingMarkupBuilder();

//this is "outside" closure
def addComponent = { idx, text ->
    //this call is delegated to whatever we set: addComponent.delegate = xxxxxx
    component(order:idx, text)

def xmlString = xmlBuilder.bind{
    "root"(type:'tree', version:'1.0'){
            components.eachWithIndex{ obj, idx->
                //and delegate is set here
                addComponent.delegate = delegate
                addComponent(idx, obj)

println XmlUtil.serialize(xmlString)


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<root type="tree" version="1.0">
    <component order="0">component1</component>
    <component order="1">component2</component>
    <component order="2">component3</component>
    <component order="3">componentN</component>

Hope you'll find this helpful.

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Yes it helps. But the silly problem I have now is that my node needs to be called use (instead of yours component) and for some reason it throws exception here (even for "use" or 'use') –  wonglik Jun 19 '12 at 9:08
Reference to your comment question stackoverflow.com/questions/11099292/… –  Tomo Jun 19 '12 at 13:12

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