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I have just started using the rhostudio plugin for eclipse 3.7.2 on Windows.

I have erroneous code but the console never seems to output error messages.

When I launch the simulator I do get some logs but as soon as it hits a bad line of code it stops logging and the simulator window goes blank.

Can anybody help?

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ended up upgrading to a new version of rhostudio helped me solve this –  digitalWestie Jun 7 '12 at 11:29

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You can increase the amount of log output by changing the log level in:


in your projects root folder and setting MinSeverity as follows:

# Rhodes log properties
# log level
# 0-trace, 1-info(app level), 3-warnings, 4-errors
# for production set to 3
MinSeverity  = 0

# enable copy log messages to standard output, useful for debugging
LogToOutput = 1
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