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I am new to SEO. I read the following paragraph in a tutorial and I don't understand the second part. How the "leaking" would take place?

Set up a links page to link to other sites so you can reciprocate links with them. Link TO your own links page from the site map page only in order not to "leak" page rank.


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The idea of this sentence is to not link the "Link page" from other pages, only show this "Link page" to webcrawler with the sitemap.xml content. If you link this page inside your website you loose some linkjuice. (It's an old GreyHat technic to fraud on link exchange)

Here is some explanation for you to understand the linkjuice transmission concept :



But the "Link Page" is a very obsolete idea in Seo, I don't recommand this kind of stuff it's very spammy... :(

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I agree that reciprocal linking is not a good idea. The value of each link depends on the PageRank of the linking page divided by the number of outgoing links it has.

Even if both partners provide links of equal value,both websites lose! This is because Google removes a proportion of the link PageRank juice from each link - a sort of Google tax. Matt Cutts explains this in a video - it is discused at 8 minutes and 20 seconds in this long video.

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If you link to any site outside your own site you will be transferring some of your page rank to that site. Every link you have on your page sends an equal amount of page rank to the pages it links to. This is recursive, so it is a little more complicated than that if you have links coming back to you.

Here is another way to simply look at this simplified down (without the recursion). If you have a page rank of '1', and you have only 3 links on the page, all to other sites, then each site will be given a page rank of one-third to them. The only way an exchange is equal, is if they in turn give you a page rank of one-third back. If they have page rank of 2 and 100 links out, and you get only one, then you will be getting two-hundredth page rank back.

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