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I need to put all the display methods from a table into cache so instead of typing that manually (there are a lot of display method) I tried to do it dynamically, i.e. browsing every method of the table and then checking if it is a display method to get the tablemethodstr() and putting it into the cache with cacheAddMethod() on a form datasource.

However I could not find a way to filter methods using their attributes so I was wondering if it was even possible to do so in AX 2009 using pure X++?


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I just wrote a job that might help you get what you need. I'm not entirely sure of the question, but you should just be able to run this:

static void Job46(Args _args)
    DictTable       dictTable;
    int             i;
    MethodInfo      methodInfo;
    SysDictTable    dt = new sysDictTable(tableNum(Address));

    dictTable = new dictTable(TableNum(Address));

    for (i=1; i<dt.objectMethodCnt(); i++)
        methodInfo = dt.objectMethodObject(i);

        if (methodInfo.displayType() == DisplayFunctionType::Get)
            info(strfmt("Found Display: %1 - %2 - %3", methodInfo.displayType(), enum2str(methodInfo.returnType()), methodInfo.name()));
            info(strfmt("Not Display: %1 - %2 - %3", methodInfo.displayType(), enum2str(methodInfo.returnType()), methodInfo.name()));

A line of note would be the "methodInfo.displayType() == DisplayFunctionType::Get"

EDIT: May need to be "<=" instead of "<"...didn't test that. You'll figure it out.

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