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I have 3 variables which will be conditional when @path is not NULL i.e @serverName,@analysisDB,@cubeName. Hence I used a CASE statement in the above SELECT statement. Similarly, for @path is not NULL the @cubename also needs to be conditional for LVL5.L5_CubeName (see REPLACE statement) but its inside a REPLACE statement and the CASE block becomes too complicated for the same. How do I write it if I want to do something like

CASE WHEN @path!='' THEN @cubeName ELSE LVL5.L5_CubeName in the REPLACE statement
SELECT LVL5.L5_Id,        
         CASE WHEN @path!='' THEN @serverName ELSE LVL5.L5_ServerName END [AnalysisServer],        
         CASE WHEN @path!='' THEN @analysisDB ELSE LVL5.L5_AnalysisDatabase END [AnalysisDatabase],        
         '@@Level2',ISNULL(@lvl2DataVal,'')),'@@CubeName',ISNULL(@cubeName,'')) [MDXQuery],         
         LVL5.L5_ReplaceMDX [ReplaceMDX],      
         LVL5.L5_RefreshDate [RefreshDate],      
         LVL5.L5_ReportAttribute [ReportAttribute],      
         LVL5.L5_ReportTitle [ReportTitle]           
  FROM   Report_SR_Level5 [LVL5]                  
  WHERE L4_ID = @L4_ID ORDER BY LVL5.L5_DisplayOrder 
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Please format you question to make is readable easily. You might find it easy but it's hard I think for others to understand what you want. Also it might be easier if you used a simpler example rather than pasting your complex code (for example you might not LVL5.L5_ all over the sample) – Preet Sangha Jun 4 '12 at 12:15
yeah i know but i accidently hit the post button and now it wont let me do that before 20 mins – Adnan Baliwala Jun 4 '12 at 12:17
Not sure if I have understood your question properly? What happened when you run this query? – Rahul Jun 4 '12 at 12:20
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Something like this:

CASE WHEN @path is not null or @path != '' 
ISNULL(@cubeName,'')) [MDXQuery]
ELSE Somethingelse END cubedata
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