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I let my user draw geometries on it. So I store all the data(ie. coordinates) required for each geometries(ie. line, triangle, quads, etc). Now, I'm implementing a paint/brush on it which I don't care about all the points that was inputted. My problem is I need to call canvas.drawColor(Color.WHITE); every time the user modify the geometry resulting to clearing also the paint which is gone now and I don't have access to.

Is there any way to actually separate the two in two canvas and combining it later? I mean, the paint is directly draw on one canvas and the geometry on other canvas and combine it.

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Yout can set the backgroundcolor of your View to White.


This way you dont need to use


Check out TouchPaint.java in the API demos included in the Android SDK, for an example of how you can do what you want to do.

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