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I'm using richfaces in order to get some quick AJAX widget but I'm having trouble setting CSS parameter over it.

HTML code

As you can see the generated code has the following class name : "rf-ds rpds". However applying style to ".rf-ds" or ".rpds' does not do anything.


Any idea why? Thanks

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I think you have to do this using Javascript after the ajax call completed. – SVS Jun 4 '12 at 12:39

It is most probable that your style is overridden elsewhere, you can check it by putting !important:

    width:100% !important; 

You need to figure out what is overriding it .

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important allow me to expand a white band but at least my css is not being ignored now. – Eildosa Jun 4 '12 at 13:12

Apparently you cannot apply CSS over a richfaces' datascroller.

The good way to do it is to reRender your datatable according to your datascroller or the opposite.

JSF 2.0 code :

    <h:form id="productSearchForm" >
        <rich:dataTable id="listeProduits" rows="3" value="#{rpb.myDataList}" var="liste"  reRender="scroller" >
            <f:facet name="header">
                <rich:columnGroup >
                    <h:column><h:outputText value="Gamme" /></h:column>
                    <h:column><h:outputText value="Famille" /></h:column>
                    <h:column><h:outputText value="Produit" /></h:column>
                <h:column><h:outputText value="#{liste.gamme}" /></h:column>
                <h:column><h:outputText value="#{liste.famille}" /></h:column>
                <h:column><h:outputText value="#{liste.nom}" /></h:column>
            <f:facet name="footer">
                <rich:dataScroller id="scroller" for="listeProduits" maxPages="10" />

in this case the datatable is reRendered (redrawed) to the datascroller size.

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