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In my HTML page there is two link of the documents.

Like as below:

Link 1

Link 2

When i click on link "Link 1" , it open the document in new windows , now i will minimize it , and again i click on "Link 2" with out closing the previous window. it will give me the 'Member not found' javascript error in IE 6/7/8 browsers

After i had goggling for this issue , i got the solution , check it for below

//below code is before solution:

var viewerURL = "URl";
win =, 'subWindow', 'directories=no, status=no');

//after applying the solution code is like below

var progressMsgURL = "url";
win =, 'subWindow', 'directories=no, status=no');
if(win==null || win.closed)

right now above code is not giving me any java script error in IE 6/7/8.

but now it will stop the focus of windows in all the browsers.It means that when i open one Link 1 documents in one windows and then minimize it and now again open the Link 2 document ,it will open it but that newly opened windows is refreshing but it will remain in minimize mode, user does not getting any intimate about that.

i want the expected solution is : Not giving me 'Member not found' javascript error in IE 6/7/8 browsers, as well as win.focus(); is also working in all the browsers.

pls help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks in Advance Yatin Baraiya

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If you need the last clicked URL window to have the focus then your code should be

var progressMsgURL = "url";
win =, 'subWindow', 'directories=no, status=no');
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