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I've two tables in panels. When I click on first table on some cell, its row is getting selected. And when I click on the second table on some cell, its row is also getting selected.

Now, How will I come to know, which table is last clicked. I tried with isRowSelected on both the tables, both are returning, so I'm not able to find the last clicked table?

Can somebody help me?

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some code will be helpful, have you tried with click events? –  magodiez Jun 4 '12 at 12:48

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you have to read how


you have to understand both concepts, simple example here, another here

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I don't know if this must be determined from a MouseListener or from a ListSelectionListener, but the simplest solution is similar: use a different listener for each table:

table1.addXxxListener(new XxxListener() {
    // here, you know it's table 1

table2.addXxxListener(new XxxListener() {
    // here, you know it's table 2
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Another way to do it is to check the source of the event:

new ListSelectionListener() {

    public void valueChanged(ListSelectionEvent e) {
        if (e.getSource()==table1.getSelectionModel()) {
             // Event comes from table1
        } else if (e.getSource()==table2.getSelectionModel()) {
             // Event comes from table2

Of course this is true if and only if the selection model is used by a single table (which is the case if you have not set your own ListSelectionModel)

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