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I want to validate textfield for user to enter only number like.. It should start from 'ARRN' and upto 5 numeric fields. So number can be.. ARRN1 OR ARRN12 OR ARRN123 BUT NOT ARRN123456 AS ONLY 5 NUMERIC ALLOWED.

Can I have regex for the same in javascript to validate?

I tried with regex ['ARRN'@[5]] But not sure about regex syntax.

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You can use the follwong code to check that pattern. It will check the pattern in onblur event of the input.

   var val = $(this).val();

      alert('Val is Ok');
     alert('Val is not correct.');  

Working Fiddle

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thank you It helped. – k-s Jun 4 '12 at 13:48

You could use an expression like this:


Which would work in JS and .NET.

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Try this


{5,9} means minimum ARRN + 1 num To maximum ARRN + 5 nums

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