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How to give select tag an attribute in cake php ?

$options = array('0' => 'News', '1' => 'Movies');
    echo $this->Form->select('selectValue', $options, 0, array('id' => 'select') )

So that I can give a attribute data-url to every options

<select id="select" name="data[Video][gender]" >
  <option value="0" data-url = "/news" >News</option>
  <option value="1" data-url = "/movies" >Movies</option>
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you can't :P or at least there's no easy way to do it...

You'll need to extend the FormHelper and override the select() method.

Something like:

class MyFormHelper extends FormHelper{
    public function select($fieldName, $options = array(), $attributes = array()) {
        //something like the original method but this time the $options 
        //is more than a simple key=>value array, so you'll need
        //to change the code to include the data-url

and then call your helper using MyFormHelper, something like

//In the view
$options = array(


That's the main idea. Hope this helps

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