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I know some applications can convert a .bat file to .exe. I want to automate this step so I don't want to use the GUI to launch the conversion process. Does someone know a converter that can be used by command-line ?

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There is interesting way of doing it here:

It created an executable archive using 7zip to host the bat file.

ECHO Written by: Jason Faulkner
ECHO SysadminGeek.com

REM Usage:
REM MakeExeFromBat BatFileToConvert [IncludeFile1] [IncludeFile2] [...]
REM Required Parameters:
REM  BatFileToConvert
REM      Source batch file to use to produce the output Exe file.
REM Optional Parameters:
REM  IncludeFile
REM      Additional files to include in the Exe file.
REM      You can include external tools used by the batch file so they are available on the executing machine.


REM Configuration (no quotes needed):
SET PathTo7Zip=

REM ---- Do not modify anything below this line ----

SET OutputFile="%~n1.exe"
SET SourceFiles="%TEMP%MakeEXE_files.txt"
SET Config="%TEMP%MakeEXE_config.txt"
SET Source7ZFile="%Temp%MakeEXE.7z"

REM Remove existing files
IF EXIST %OutputFile% DEL %OutputFile%

REM Build source archive
ECHO "%~dpnx1" > %SourceFiles%
IF {%2}=={} GOTO EndInclude
ECHO "%~dpnx2" >> %SourceFiles%
GOTO AddInclude
"%PathTo7Zip%7za.exe" a %Source7ZFile% @%SourceFiles%

REM Build config file
ECHO ;!@Install@!UTF-8! > %Config%
ECHO RunProgram="%~nx1" >> %Config%
ECHO ;!@InstallEnd@! >> %Config%

COPY /B "%PathTo7Zip%7zsd.sfx" + %Config% + %Source7ZFile% %OutputFile%

REM Clean up
IF EXIST %SourceFiles% DEL %SourceFiles%
IF EXIST %Config% DEL %Config%
IF EXIST %Source7ZFile% DEL %Source7ZFile%

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You can also use Fatih Kodak's Bat to EXE converter.

It has command line syntax for "most" of it's features so you can 'compile' your EXE without the UI.

Here is the syntax:

Command line

Required parameters

  • -bat [filename] Bat file to compile
  • -save [filename] The savefilename of your application

Optional Parameters

  • -icon [filename] The icon file of your application
  • -invisible Create an invisible application
  • -temp Use the temporary directory on execution
  • -nodelete Do not delete the temporary files
  • -encrypt [Password] Encrypt the program with a password
  • -admin Add an administrator manifest to the program
  • -overwrite Overwrite existing files
  • -decompiler [String] Add a decompiler to the program
  • -include [filename] Include an additional file to the program
  • -fileversion [String] File version number
  • -productversion [String] Product version number
  • -company [String] Company name
  • -productname [String] Product name
  • -internalname [String] Internal name
  • -description [String] Product description
  • -copyright [String] Copyright


Bat_To_Exe_Converter -bat mybatfile.bat -save myprogram.exe -icon myicon 
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Advanced BAT to EXE Converter has a windows Context menu option to compile BAT to EXE (right click the batch file) Also commands to use windows file and folder browser and use mouseinput within your batch file script.

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I have made an installer for Faith Kodak's Bat to Exe converter. It will create a shortcut to the program on the desktop and it will allow you to create an exe file from a batch file just by right clicking on the batch file and selecting an option to compile it. I made this installer because I found it a waste of time to start the program, select the file, then compile, instead of just quickly selecting the option on the right click menu of the batch file. Here is the installer I made: Installer

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Use the masbat-v2.0 made in Brazil

Link to download

By Delmar Grande website of the author

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