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I have a main cmake project which has a PROJECT_INCLUDE_PATH which is a cached variable. I pass this variable as a CMAKE_ARGS parameter to an external project that I add using ExternalProject_Add().

The problem is, when I change the value of the PROJECT_INCLUDE_PATH using 'make edit_cache' the external project is not reconfigured.

Is there any way make the external project to be reconfigured and built automatically when the cached variable is changed in the main project?

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I always re-run CMake after modifying CMakeCache.txt (not that I do this often). This would update the ExternalProject_Add call in your case.

Probably a safer option here is to avoid make edit_cache, and simply re-run CMake with a command line parameter of -DPROJECT_INCLUDE_PATH:PATH=<updated value>.

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I found that I was not passing the correct variable. Now it works correctly.

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