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I need a solution to a general problem that i have.

I have a site with domain called and a cross domain called

In there is a form with several fields: userName, firstName, lastName, email...

When the user press the submit button (in the form) i need to make a server validation on this fields, the server who make the validation is in the cross domain (

Any solution to this problem? (ajax, json, servlet...)

What is the prefer why to do it?

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I don't understand your problem.. just change the action of your form to a .php script on your cross domain? <form method="POST" action=""> – Stefan Fandler Jun 4 '12 at 13:30
I have 2 servers, in the first server i have the form, in the second server i the validations. They need to communicate with each other. When the user press the submit button, the second server needs to send a response if all the validation passes. If not, he need to send an appropriate message that tell to the first server that their is a problem with one or more validation. And then the first server (with the form) need to show an appropriate message to the user. How can they communicate? – lolo Jun 4 '12 at 13:39
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I would recommend you a php, proxy, but there are other solutions like JSONP or a feature in HTML5 that might help you: Cross Domain Solutions Full client

Main Options I found interesting:

  • PHP Proxy
  • HTML5 window.postMessage
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