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In Python I can see what methods and fields an object has with:

print dir(my_object)

What's the equivalent of that in Groovy (assuming it has one)?

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Looks particulary nice in Groovy (untested, taken from this link so code credit should go there):

// Introspection, know all the details about classes :
// List all constructors of a class
String.constructors.each{println it}

// List all interfaces implemented by a class
String.interfaces.each{println it}

// List all methods offered by a class
String.methods.each{println it}

// Just list the methods names

// Get the fields of an object (with their values)
d = new Date()
d.properties.each{println it}

The general term you are looking for is introspection.

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Thank you for providing the term! –  WilliamShatner Jun 4 '12 at 13:57
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As described here, to find all methods defined for String object:


It's not as simple as Python version, perhaps somebody else can show better way.

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Besides just using the normal Java reflection API, there's:


You can also play games with the metaclasses.

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