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I have a parameterized job that uses the Perforce plugin and would like to retrieve the build parameters/properties as well as the p4.change property that's set by the Perforce plugin.

How do I retrieve these properties with the Jenkins Groovy API?

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Regarding parameters:

See this answer first. To get a list of all the builds for a project (obtained as per that answer):


When you find your particular build, you need to get all actions of type ParametersAction with build.getActions(hudson.model.ParametersAction). You then query the returned object for your specific parameters.

Regarding p4.change: I suspect that it is also stored as an action. In Jenkins Groovy console get all actions for a build that contains p4.change and examine them - it will give you an idea what to look for in your code.

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Please note the official Jenkins Wiki page covers this in more details as well: The salient part is reproduced below:

// get parameters
def parameters = build?.actions.find{ it instanceof ParametersAction }?.parameters
parameters.each {
   println "parameter ${}:"
   println it.dump()

// ... or if you want the parameter by name ...
def hardcoded_param = "FOOBAR"
def resolver = build.buildVariableResolver
def hardcoded_param_value = resolver.resolve(hardcoded_param)
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For resolving a single parameter (I guess what's most commonly needed), this is the simplest I found:


in your Groovy System script build step.

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I've just got this working, so specifically, using the Groovy Postbuild plugin, you can do the following:

def paramText
def actionList =
if (actionList.size() != 0)
  def pA = actionList.get(0)
  paramText = pA.createVariableResolver("MY_PARAM_NAME")
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