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In my current project, I am developing a Domain Specific Language. for instance, the syntax of this language will be following:


        tempValue : double; 
        unitOfMeasurement : String;        

            attribute responseFormat : String; 
            generate  tempMeasurement : TempStruct; // forward reference of previously defined structs

In above code fragment, you can see that TempStruct is previously defined. My requirement is that I want to facilitate DSL programmers a drop down list of previously defined structure. So, programmer can easily select one structs from drop down list.

I started working on ANTLR, but I am not sure that how this can be achieved in ANTLR. Any idea about this ? your pointers and suggestions about other tools are welcomed for writing DSL.

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I would like to provide answer of my question. I have just received pointers from our collaborators. It may help others.

Tools to create DSLs and their associated development environments:

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