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i want to show results from access-restricted page to non-logged users also, possible with special class or text showing that if he registers he can get more content.

I found show.forbiddenRecords in typo3 property but its not working...

Im using typo3 4.7

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Did you try config.typolinkLinkAccessRestrictedPages = <id of login page>?

Check the Typoscript reference.

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No, this is not working either. – Peter Jun 5 '12 at 9:34
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Even setting: config.typolinkLinkAccessRestrictedPages = uid-of-login-page

indexed search does not search for forbidden records.

I found if i set in function execFinalQuery on line 1119 from: $id_list[] = $this->cObj->getTreeList($rootId,9999,0,0,'','').$rootId;


$id_list[] = $this->cObj->getTreeList($rootId,9999,0,1,'','').$rootId;

that indexed search starts searching and showing forbidden records. I also posted this on bugs for typo3 hoping someone will check this as im no core user...

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